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Nathan Fillion on Conan O’Brien | April 15, 2014

And this lady said, “Oh, the irony. I’m here in a car full of celebrities.” And I say well, let’s say hello and I put the window down and I say, “Hey, everybody in the van! This is JR Bourne. He was on Revenge and Teen Wolf and this is Michael Trucco. He’s from Revenge and Battlestar Galactica. They’re going, “Oh my god!” *click click click click click* They’re having a great time! (x)

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Everyone thinks it’s because of what he doodled in Captain America but it’s really because The Wizard of Oz came out in 1939 and I would bet everything I have that Steve went and saw it and loved it.

In the German version he literally says “I’ve seen the Wizard of Oz”

Oh I thought everyone knew that?

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“Ginnifer Goodwin and I kind of stopped and thought, we are now filming one of the most iconic scenes in fairy-tale history — Snow White woken up by Prince Charming. We were way out in the middle of the woods, in Golden Ears. It was cold and raining. We showed up at the set, and it was beautiful. There was this glass coffin, and the Seven Dwarves were surrounded by (movie) snow — and then it started to snow. For real. Actual, real snow. I don’t know — we thought there was some kind of divine intervention going on.   We thought, this is special, this is a real moment."  —— Josh Dallas

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Disney parallels in The Jolly Roger

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What about Athelstan, where is he now?

If he was fortunate, he died in battle.
In any case, let’s not speak of him.
He was a worthless individual.

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"I was your only friend."

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"Do you have a 20 on the shooter?"
—“Tell ‘em I’m in pursuit.” [x]

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“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all.”

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Congratulations to newlyweds Josh & Ginnifer Goodwin Dallas (married on April 12th 2014)

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Favourite things //  favourite male character [Sherlock Holmes]
  ↳ Four serial suicides and now a note! It’s Christmas!

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